Welcome to the photo archive for CIBC's second murder mystery dinner! Every participant was assigned a character and role to play in this mystery. Read below for details on the mystery.

Chaos at the Circus!

The Circo Magnifico has been owned and operated by the Mendez Family for over 150 years. Old Man Mendez bought a used albino tiger near the Mexican border in the early 1850s for the last pint of his world famous elixir. He had never wanted to be in the circus business but he’d landed on hard times and could always put on a show. Many years (and Old Man Mendezes) later the show still goes on. After spending only a week entertaining the people of Laurel, Maryland everything is being packed up so they can slither away into the night. It’s hard to stay in a town after an having an elephant trampling (the second in as many years), a lion mauling and a murder. Thursday night, when a town meeting turned into a riot the authorities suggested a hasty exit might be in order for the Circus. The police seem to view the murder as justice since the victim was Bully, the Bull Handler, who caused all of the chaos and have apparently decided to conduct only a superficial investigation. Saturday night, everyone is gathering for a last meal before hitting the road and the police intend to ask everyone a few final questions.

The known facts are these: Bully was a horrible Bull Handler and had often lost control of Minnie the elephant during the show. Amazingly, his ineptitude had only ended in tragedy twice. The 1st happened a year ago, when Minnie took off Old Man Mendez’s leg, ending his Ringmaster career. The 2nd happened during the last show when a spectator was trampled. During the chaos, as usual, once Minnie rampaged, Bully headed straight to his quarters on the train. He was found by the roustabout two hours later dead from a stab wound. It was later discovered that he would have died from an overdose of diazepam, an animal tranquilizer, if he had not been stabbed. Officials said that he had to have been unconscious when killed. Only Circus workers would have been able to get to him and are, naturally, the only suspects. The single reason Bully had kept his job was that no one else wanted it. He was generally despised by everyone and spent all of his time either “training” Minnie or being alone in his room. The workers only hated him more when Old Man Mendez, the beloved owner and Ringmaster, lost his leg and job to Bully’s total incompetence. WHO KILLED BULLY AND WHY?