Welcome to the photo archive for CIBC's first murder mystery dinner! Every participant was assigned a character and role to play in this mystery. Read below for details on the mystery.

Terror in Toyland

It's 5pm February 12, 2011, the Saturday evening before Valentineís Day. The Widemore family has gathered for their annual dinner before the International Toy Festival opens in Laurel, Maryland the next morning. Charles Widemore, who founded the Widemore Toy Company, started the tradition more than 50 years ago when he, his wife, Violet, baby daughter, Crysthanamum, sister, Petunia and friends and workers gathered for dinner the night before the Grand Opening of the first Widemore Toy Store.

Now, so many years later, the event has gotten out of control with such a large family, many friends and staff and Charlesís Chief-of-Staff Terri Pitt has vowed to control the guest list herself. Since Charles is so old many believe Terri is really running the largest and most successful toy company in the history of the world. Everyone tries to impress with their wealth, clothes, or toy designs and most fail. Those who donít design toys use the event to put their wealth and/or brilliance on display.

Tragically, only a few days before the event, Charlie, Jr. died on his way to the hospital. Rumor has it that after having his birthday dinner at his parentís house with the immediate family he started having stomach pains and took an elixir and went to bed. His wife found him screaming hours later and called an ambulance. He arrived at the ER DOA. The cause of death is expected anytime and police are investigating. Everyone believes he was murdered but who killed him and why?